Teesside InterclubWell done to everyone who took part in the Teesside Interclub on the 21st December. It was great to see so many people turn up, especially given the early start on a Sunday so close to Christmas. Thanks to Scott and Shaun for helping with transport so that we could send a decent-sized team of people down. Thanks also to Scott for the great photography, and for recording people’s matches.

The interclub was well run and had a great atmosphere, so it was a great way to end the competition year.

Congratulations in particular to the guys who took home medals:

Maruf Miah: Gold in his division in the gi; an impressive showing for what was only his second competition.
Andy Mastaglio: Silver in his division in the gi and a good run in the absolute.
Jordan Cooper: Gold in his division in the gi and bronze in the no-gi
Andy Clarke: Bronze in his gi division; a great return following an injury.
Phil Nelson: Silver in no-gi at <70KG.

Commiserations to Aaron for the mix-up with weight divisions which meant that he didn’t get any matches this time around. Thanks for sticking around and providing coaching and moral support for the rest of the guys!

Thanks to Jamie Taylor and Martin Ashton for putting on a great day. Interclubs like this are a great first introduction to competition, and a lot of fun for more experienced competitors who are looking for some extra mat time.

Merry Christmas everyone, and here’s to more enjoyable team outings, and more success on and off the mats in the New Year!