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Versus Grappling Tournaments for 2015 / Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu suitable for children?

Mature teenagers are welcome to attend our adult BJJ class and the associated wrestling class. There is a children’s program aimed at pre-teens. The children’s program is run by Origin Sports, and in addition to offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes children will have the opportunity to learn leadership and creativity skills and earn Sport England recognized awards such as the Playmaker and Young Leaders certificates.

There is no fixed lower age limit for the children’s program, however we recommend that children know left from right before they join the junior classes. This class uses BJJ related games and drills, and focuses on developing balance, timing, spatial awareness, co-ordination, confidence and discipline. The skills that your child learns will transfer well to BJJ (or any other martial art) should they choose to pursue the sport when they are older. Contact us for more details.

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