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Versus Grappling Tournaments for 2015 / Do your students compete often?

There is a Maurico Gomes Origin BJJ Newcastle competition team, which includes people from all levels in the club. The club competes in several competitions each year, and also runs its own interclub competitions with other local BJJ and MMA gyms. We also organise biannual gi and no-gi tournaments – the Vs Grappling series – that are open to all.

Our competition team attends local tournaments and travels to major events such as the British Open. In addition, we have some high level competitors who take part in submission-only invitationals such as SubF15een and some who compete in mixed martial arts events, including Senshi MMA.

Competing is encouraged and we do everything we can to support people who are interested in taking part in competitions at any level of the sport, but is not compulsory. Whether or not you choose to compete will not affect your treatment in the class or your chances of promotion.

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