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Origin BJJ Team at VS Grappling

On Sunday, Origin BJJ headed to the VS Grappling No-Gi tournament, and it was a successful day all around with some good performances from seasoned competitors and first-timers alike.

Congratulations to:

  • Phil Nelson – Silver in Beginner Feather
  • Benjamin Nzoh – Silver in Beginner Lightweight
  • Seb Jones – Silver in Advanced Heavy and Silver the Advanced Absolute
  • Piotr Lejwoda – Silver in Beginner Ultra Heavy and Silver in the Beginner Super Heavy – thanks for stepping up to take on a much bigger opponent on short notice!
  • Adam Paul Sanderson – Bronze in the Advanced Medium Heavy


Also well done to Jordan Cooper for gold in the Advanced Lightweight division, and to Luke Young and Andrew Mastaglio for winning their early matches in tough divisions.

We’ve been focused on gi training over the winter months, so it was nice to see people willing to have a go at no-gi. Well done to everyone who took part, and best of luck to everyone who is heading down to the British Open this weekend! Take it easy this week so you head in on-weight and injury free.

Teesside Interclub Results

Teesside InterclubWell done to everyone who took part in the Teesside Interclub on the 21st December. It was great to see so many people turn up, especially given the early start on a Sunday so close to Christmas. Thanks to Scott and Shaun for helping with transport so that we could send a decent-sized team of people down. Thanks also to Scott for the great photography, and for recording people’s matches.

The interclub was well run and had a great atmosphere, so it was a great way to end the competition year.

Congratulations in particular to the guys who took home medals:

Maruf Miah: Gold in his division in the gi; an impressive showing for what was only his second competition.
Andy Mastaglio: Silver in his division in the gi and a good run in the absolute.
Jordan Cooper: Gold in his division in the gi and bronze in the no-gi
Andy Clarke: Bronze in his gi division; a great return following an injury.
Phil Nelson: Silver in no-gi at <70KG.

Commiserations to Aaron for the mix-up with weight divisions which meant that he didn’t get any matches this time around. Thanks for sticking around and providing coaching and moral support for the rest of the guys!

Thanks to Jamie Taylor and Martin Ashton for putting on a great day. Interclubs like this are a great first introduction to competition, and a lot of fun for more experienced competitors who are looking for some extra mat time.

Merry Christmas everyone, and here’s to more enjoyable team outings, and more success on and off the mats in the New Year!

Versus Grappling Tournaments for 2015

The Origin BJJ competition team has been nice and active over the last few months. It would be great to see that continue into 2015. Competing can be expensive, and not everyone has the time or resources to travel to Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow or the other competition “hubs” to compete. It’s no fun travelling all that way to find out that you’ve only got one match, either.

That’s why we’re planning five tournaments with Versus Grappling this year. These tournaments will be held locally, and will have affordable entry fees. They’ll be repĂȘchage, so win or lose you’re guaranteed at least two matches. This gives everyone a chance to test their skills in competition against people of their own size and ability from local clubs.

If you’re entering a competition for the first time, then joining a local event is a good way to find out whether you enjoy the feeling and atmosphere of a competition. You’ll have the support of your team mates, and there will be plenty of upper belts on hand to offer advice and encouragement.

The schedule for 2015 is:

Date Event
8th March 2015 Newcastle BJJ Open Spring Tournament (Gi)
9th May 2015 Versus Grappling 6 (No-gi)
11th July 2015 Newcastle BJJ Open Autumn Tournament (Gi)
3rd October 2015 Versus Grappling 7 (No-gi)
5th December 2015 Newcastle BJJ Open Winter Tournament (Gi)

For a full overview of the year, including other competitions further afield, check our competition calendar. Good luck, wherever you choose to step on the mats!

Interclub and Scotia Cup Weekend

Last weekend saw several Origin BJJ students competing; some at a local interclub, and others at the Scotia Cup in Motherwell, Scotland. Competing is always a challenge, and everyone who stepped on the mats deserves a lot of credit for putting themselves out there.

Congratulations are due in particular for Ben and Scott, who won their divisions at the Interclub, Andy – who came second to Scott after an accidental knee-reap caused him to be disqualified in his match, and Maruf, who missed out on competing in his division but put in a good performance in the absolutes.

Congratulations also to Jordan, who competed under the Globetrotters flag at the Scotia Cup and won his division.

There are several competitions coming up over the next several weeks, so if you feel like testing yourself before the year is over, take a look at the events calendar.

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