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Belt promotions

This time it was the turn of Jonathan Poulter and James Keay, both have extensive competition records, they’re the hardest working and most consistent guys in the gym, and are a real asset for the team to count as training partners. They’ll stack up well in their new divisions and I look forward to seeing them in the Europeans and next years Big British tournaments.

Congratulations guys, I’m proud to promote two more purple belts.


Interclub and Scotia Cup Weekend

Last weekend saw several Origin BJJ students competing; some at a local interclub, and others at the Scotia Cup in Motherwell, Scotland. Competing is always a challenge, and everyone who stepped on the mats deserves a lot of credit for putting themselves out there.

Congratulations are due in particular for Ben and Scott, who won their divisions at the Interclub, Andy – who came second to Scott after an accidental knee-reap caused him to be disqualified in his match, and Maruf, who missed out on competing in his division but put in a good performance in the absolutes.

Congratulations also to Jordan, who competed under the Globetrotters flag at the Scotia Cup and won his division.

There are several competitions coming up over the next several weeks, so if you feel like testing yourself before the year is over, take a look at the events calendar.

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